About Us

“He (Allah SW) gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever is given wisdom is certainly given a lot of good.” (Qur’ãn 2:269)

A broad and balanced programme of study is an essential requirement for the development of each and every individual in society. In ignorance lies deterioration of community and individual values, aspirations, productivity and contribution.

Additionally, there is a need to nurture and inspire learners so that alongside academic enrichment, they develop to become conscientious citizens of the world; realising their broad range of responsibilities, making positive contributions – academically, economically and philanthropically as well as focusing upon personal, spiritual and moral advancement.

Green Oak Academy – A not-for-profit registered organisation – has been established by Scholars (Ulamã) and Academics from diverse ethnic backgrounds with one goal in mind; to make accessible quality Islamic and school curriculum education with passion and benevolence to the community of Birmingham and beyond.

Our mission is to strive for academic advancement and nurture moral and spiritual excellence. Our students will be those individuals who will go on to dynamically contribute towards the progress of society alongside personal progression. A fusion of academic advancement and spiritual excellence.

Through the grace of Allah, our caring and benevolent approach coupled with a desire to maintain the highest standards of academic and moral excellence has benefitted and positively transformed the lives of many. Students applying at Green Oak Academy can expect the same level of commitment and passion from the management, staff and fellow students.