About Us

He (Allah Ta’ala) gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever is given wisdom is certainly given a lot of good.”

(Qur’ãn 2:269)

Green Oak Academy was established by a group of Scholars (Ulamã) and Academics from diverse backgrounds in July 2016 with the aim of catering for the broad education and religious needs of the Muslim community.

Through the grace of Allah Ta’ala, in September 2016, an Independent Islamic Secondary school for Girls’ was established at the site of the former Masjid Hamza in Moseley.

This was closely followed by the establishment of the Aalimah Course for sisters also in September 2016 from the same site.

Maktab and Hifz classes for Girls were initiated in September 2018 followed by Maktab classes and Hifz Classes for boys in September 2020.

Classes for ladies also operate during the daytime as well as in the evening.

Participants in the Hifz and Aalimah programmes attend on-site provision as well as online from across the UK.

A new site is in the process of being purchased to expand the services of Green Oak Academy.

In all our services, we aim to adopt a caring and benevolent approach coupled with an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

For the sake of authenticity, we share with you the profiles of some of the Ulama (Scholars) within our management board:

Mawlana Maseehullah Patel

Mawlana Saheb initiated studies at Darul Uloom Dewsbury Markaz at the age of 11 years, completing Hifz of the Qur’an and thereafter progressing to the Aalim Course.

Mawlana Saheb thereafter moved to the prestigious Jameah Riyadhul Uloom (Islamic Da’wah Academy) in Leicester where he completed the Aalim Course in 2007.

Mawlana Saheb has since served the Muslim community of the West Midlands in the roles of Maktab Ustaadh and Youth engagement in Darlaston and thereafter Imam, Lecturer and Ustaadh at Kings Heath Masjid from 2011 to 2019.

Mawlana Saheb is currently the Principal of the Maktab programmes and Aalimah programme operated by Green Oak Academy and also senior lecturer of Hadeeth and Tafseer (Qur’an Commentary) on the Aalimah programme.

Mawlana Saheb also serves as the Executive Head Teacher & Chair of Governors of Green Oak Academy Girls’ School which is an independent Islamic Secondary school for girls.

Mufti Abu Zafar Saheb rahmatullahi alayh

Student and disciple of the venerable late Qari Muhammad Tayyib Qasmi rahmatullahi alayh and Shaykh Abrar-ul Haqq Hardoi rahmatullahi alayh; Mufti Abu Zafar Saheb served as senior Imam at Kings Heath Masjid for the last 35+ years, patron for the Fiqh Council of Birmingham and a senior lecturer of Hadeeth at Jamia Islamia.

At Green Oak Academy, Mufti saheb was one of the founding patrons and since the very beginning has occupied the highly prestigious post of Shaykhul Hadeeth until his demise on Monday 29th November 2021.

Mufti Saheb’s absence is felt daily by colleagues, juniors and students alike.

May Allah Ta’ala elevate Mufti saheb’s status in Paradise and grant him an appropriate reward for his services to the Muslim community.

Mawlana Abdullah Patel

Mawlana Saheb is Imam at Masjid Hidayah in Dewsbury and graduated from the Aalim Course at Islamic Dawah Academy in Leicester. He completed his Hifz at Darul Uloom Dewsbury Markaz.

Mawlana Saheb has also completed the Post Graduate Diploma at the London School of Journalism and is one of the members of Amanah Studio Editorial Board.

Mawlana Saheb is also principal of Madrasah Al Amanah, teaches Hifz-ul-Qur’an and is Senior Lecturer in Hadeeth at Green Oak Academy. His area of expertise include Islamic History.