Green Oak Funeral Savings Fund

Green Oak Academy are offering a Funeral Savings Plan, to allow concerned brothers and sisters the facility to save for their burial and funeral costs. The Plan operates as follows:

  • Monthly contributions by standing order are made to the Green Oak Academy Funeral Savings Fund.
  • Locally, a person is able to benefit from a reserved plot at Brandwood Muslim Cemetery (Subject to conditions).
  • Upon death, funds saved can be used by relatives to meet funeral/burial costs. Shortfalls can be covered by the family of the deceased. Excess amounts can be refunded to the beneficiary indicated. 
  • Funds are held in a separate designated bank account for added protection.
  • If a person does not pass away locally, designated relatives are still able to access the funds to cover funeral costs.

If you are interested in participating, complete the form below and insha’allah one of our volunteers will get back to you with further details: